Legend of the GReddy 35RX: A look back on the massive project Trust staked their reputation on

Published : 2021/01/17 21:58 Modified : 2021/01/17 21:58

From top speed trim to drift spec 


Over 1100 horsepower from this fully tuned R35 GT-R


On the menu today is the “GReddy 35RX” prototype developed by Trust in 2011. This was the original form of the machine that would go on to cause such a stir in super drift spec in the D1 Grand Prix. Since the car was originally planned specifically to race at Fuji Speedway, every component had been honed for circuit racing. We take a look back at the beginnings of this legendary tuning car.



Open up the elegant BenSopra aerodynamic tilting cowl, and peeking out from beneath is the jewel in this car’s crown; a fully tuned VR38DETT engine. At its heart are three special components that make up GReddy’s “4.3 liter kit”.



The pistons are 4.1mm oversized forged units from JE, strengthened with WPC’s metal surface treatment. Next come reinforced H-beam connecting rods from Carrillo to cope with the massive boost pressures. Finally, drop in a Crower crankshaft with a 92.4mm stroke length (4mm longer than standard).The result is an increased engine displacement of 4309cc.



After all of that, and after piecing together a special header, complete with a combustion chamber intricately machined using an NC lathe, Trust dock their original TD06-20G “Kai” 25G twin-turbo system.  Under 2.0 kilograms of boost the engine was recorded producing a maximum of 1250ps.



The switch to a tilting cowl allows visual inspection of the cooling system.  This consists of a special crossflow intercooler (center), a dual clutch transmission oil cooler (bumper left) and an engine oil cooler (bumper right).



The exhaust is racing specification, with a 90φ straight pipe connecting to the Power Extreme R backbox. Trust have plans to change the muffler in the future, to fit alongside a new BenSopra under-spoiler.



Trust left no stone unturned with regards to strengthening the drivetrain either. They increased the number of clutch discs and installed a strengthened first gear. All gears were treated to Accurate coating, and the C ring at the end of the counter gear was reinforced. Trust pulled out all the stops to strengthen the GR6 transmission from the ground up. Moreover, the fact that Trust intentionally set up the clutch to slip to handle the otherworldy thrust delivered by 150kgm of torque is worthy of mention here.



The wheels were 20-inch Prodrive GC-012Ls (Front: 10.5J+24 Rear: 11J+25). 65mm tread spacers were inserted to account for the blistered fenders. In the tire department, Trust left the stock Dunlop SP Sport MAXX GT600s in place.



Endless monoblock brake calipers were installed front and rear to scrub off the 330km/h Trust predicted the car would hit at Fuji. Suspension was an original fully-adjustable coilover setup. Front and rear suspension arms were switched for adjustable ones.



A built-in multi-gauge replaced the air-con outlet next to the multifunction display. The full bucket seats came from British company Racetech, with TRS 4 point harnesses holding the driver in place.



Immediately following this photoshoot, the GReddy RX was repainted in candy red and begun its top speed attack on Fuji Speedway. In the Option top speed test carried out in December of the same year, it achieved an astonishing speedo-measured 333km/h (323km/h according to GPS data), sending shockwaves through the industry.


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