No Messin’: Female Drag Racer’s King of the Strip S14 is too much! | Packing 800hp and a V-gate shifter

Published : 2021/01/19 21:29 Modified : 2021/01/19 21:29

Pushing 800hp through a drag specialized transmission


S14 Silvia puts the boys to shame


A number of female drag racers took part in 2020’s “Super Drag Festival”. Of all their cars, this S15-faced S14 Silvia exhibited the most extreme tune. 



The engine uses an SR20DET from the S13 family as its base. It’s fully tuned, too; the head is treated to Naprec’s High Response Kit, while the bottom end uses Tomei’s Powered kit to increase capacity to 2.2 liters. On top of that, an HKS T51R-SPL BB (ball bearing) turbo wrings out 800ps. Controlling it all is a Link (fully configurable) Xtreme ECU.



A peek inside reveals a Liberty V-gate (clutchless transmission) shifter. This transmission is perfect for hard-charging, allowing the driver to shift without using the clutch and keep the throttle pinned.



The swollen rear fenders house Hoosier drag radials. These huge 315/35R17 tires make absolutely certain that all that power makes it to the road.



By the way, this car was slated to run in the Ladies Class. However, when the event administration saw it’s high state of tune, they requested an upgrade to the (mixed) Regular ST3 Class. What’s more, when put to the test it recorded a superb 10.326 second run. With a brilliant third-in-class finish, it well and truly showed the boys who’s boss.



  • Reporting from: SUPER DRAG FESTIVAL 2020 FINAL, Central Circuit