When They Were Lads: Suenaga Brothers and Ueo Let Rip! | Relive the South Kyushu Ikaten Competition – Part 1[V-OPT]

Published : 2021/01/20 15:22 Modified : 2021/01/20 17:28

Featuring the Suenaga brothers and Ueo! The 69th South Kyushu Ikaten Competition – First Volume – V-OPT.074③



Today’s featured video covers the 69th South Kyushu Ikaten Competition. A triumvirate of the then younger Drift King (Keiichi Tsuchiya), Mana P (Manabu Suzuki) and Max (Manabu) Orido head up the commentary. The venue was the now defunct Mitsui-Miike Autosport Land (Mobility Omuta) in Fukuoka.



As one might be expect from a competition to decide Kyushu’s top drift team, both the solo and team events showcased some incredible driving. D1GP drivers such as the Suenaga brothers and Katsuhiro Ueo competed, creating a rare chance to see a hotly contested match between them.