Turn Your Old Seat into an Office Chair! | Bride’s Multicaster PRO Out Now for the WRX STI

Published : 2021/01/20 16:02 Modified : 2021/01/20 16:02

Re-use that unneeded car seat


Caster base for the VAB’s stock seat goes on sale following 86/BRZ model


So you’ve installed a bucket seat and now you have the stock one sitting around taking up space. To help you turn it into an office chair, Bride has developed the Multicaster PRO. Until now it was only available for the 86 and BRZ, but a new model for the WRX STI (VAB) has joined the lineup.



Installation requires no more than fixing four bolts into place. Equipped with armrests, full adjustability and casters, it needn’t be said that this makes a top-spec office chair. You can get your hands on one for 45,000 yen. They come in both driver and passenger seat versions, so be sure not to order the wrong one!



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