「Form Meets Function on the Track」A Circuit Spec Widebody Kit for 86 & BRZ!

Published : 2021/01/21 16:37 Modified : 2021/01/21 16:37

The pursuit of cooling performance and modern aerodynamics!


The ultimate aero kit which combines beauty with performance!


Varis are a tuning shop known worldwide as a leading Japanese aero parts manufacturer. Their skill lies not only in the accuracy of fitting the vehicles body, but also in selecting top quality high strength materials. The shape of the parts are driven by the desire to improve aerodynamic characteristics and improve airflow for engine cooling. You could say that Varis are a company who take “form follows function” to heart.


The car we introduce here is yet another masterpiece by Varis. HKS Technical factory and KMS who are known for their success in 86/BRZ races have teamed up to collaborate and develop a twin turbo 86 wearing Varis’ “Kamikaze” aero kit.



The front section gets downforce by way of a diffuser and large single canard. The ducts on both sides of the bumper are originally covered, but the Kamikaze aero kit intends for these to be opened so as to guide air into the oil cooler. HKS’s Super Power Flow frame is used for the ducts here.



The front fenders add 50mm of width to each side. The upper outlet draws hot air from the engine bay. The center and lower outlets also act to pull hot air from the tire housings. Exclusive to the widebody kit are sideskirts that consist of an inner step panel and large outer underboard.



The rear fenders are 65mm wide at each side. The kit is equipped with an air shrouds on the rear bumper. The slits from the wide fenders are continued onto the side of the bumper to create a striking appearance.



The benefits of wide fenders in circuit use are tremendous. These can swallow 11J +15 18-inch Advan Racing TC-4 on Advan A052 295/30 tires with plenty of room.



The large swan neck style GT wing has a ultrawide width of 1800mm. It is priced at 420,000yen. The effect of this GT wing is very strong and it was necessary to increase the rear spring rate and raise the vehicle height by 50mm.



The price of the full kit comes in at 1.35 million yen. Because the kit is built for performance and functionality based on aerodynamics, it creates a sharp silhouette and aggressive widebody look that adds multiple character lines to the car.


The HKS Techical Factory x KMS Kamikaze 86 participated in a time attack event at Fuji Speedway. It proved a time of 1 minute 45.57 seconds which was the fastest time for any 86/BRZ on radial tires. This car not only looks the part but can back up its aggressive appearance with top running performance.


●Special Thanks:VARIS TEL:042-689-2939


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