「A ‘Kenmeri’ Kaido Racer Roars Through Downtown Tokyo?! 」GOGO Daijiro Test Drives a Wild Machine!【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/01/21 12:03 Modified : 2021/01/21 12:03

Dai-chan’s road impression of a rebel Kenmeri Skyline! V-OPT.074 ④ Skyline ‘Kenmeri’ PGC110



This video highlights a test drive of an old-school street racer spec ‘Kenmeri’ Skyline piloted by OPTION group general manager Daijiro Inada. He takes this wild vintage tuner through the streets of central Tokyo. The car is slammed and has Solex carbs and loud racing headers.



During recording, there were multiple times the car scraped or got stuck because of its low-down ride height. Dai said, “I’m used to troubles like this, it happened to be all the time when I was younger!” It’s quite rare case to see a crazy car like this right in the big city, with the modified L28 thundering sound bouncing off the nearby skyscrapers.