7.5 million yen EK9 Civic – Our In-depth Report | The Low Down on Spoon’s No-Holds-Barred Complete Car

Published : 2021/01/21 21:13 Modified : 2021/01/21 21:13

Daring remake goes beyond restoration


Spoon bring the ultimate EK9 Civic back to life with modern technoloy!


Distinguished Honda tuners Spoon have announced the completion of their “EK9 Civic Renovation Project.” Beginning in 2020, they carried out the project at their antenna shop “TYPEONE.”



Spoon’s Jomoto-san puts it this way: “In comparison to when it was new, a used car will never be in as good a condition. Restoration gets you back to where you started. Spoon’s ‘renovation’ goes one step further by adding the latest technology to make this car better than new.”


True to those words, this EK9 goes beyond merely replacing consumables. Spoon have used their know-how to restore and fettle every facet of the car. By the way, the donor car was in the best possible condition, with all original panels and no history of damage repairs.




The beating heart of the car, the B16B engine receives a precision overhaul, including 0.25mm over-sized pistons. And of course the transmission, too, gets a complete refresh with brand new greasy bits. In addition, Spoon has replaced a whole host of other parts – from intake/exhaust to drivetrain, suspension and more – with its own EK9 parts. This is a quintessential complete tuning car.



Unusually, the wheels – whilst fully refurbished – are standard. The installation of Spoon brake calipers and suspension allow for a much sharper and more composed driving experience.



The headlight lenses are new, as are the various rubber seals on each part of the car. These were all changed when the car was repainted resulting in a showroom fresh exterior. 



Beyond a new Spoon mirror, steering wheel and shift knob, not much has changed inside the car. However, thanks to extensive cleaning the interior doesn’t show its age. 



What’s more, after completion Spoon took the car out on the track for 1000 kilometers. The car was tested at the track, and tweaked extensively to perfect the balance. 



As for the all important price – 7.5 million yen buys the car with a roadworthiness inspection valid until November 2022 (consumption tax incl. – other expenses may apply). We’ve been seeing climbing prices on 90’s sports cars for a while now, and the EK9 Civic is no exception. Compare with the current market rates and you will find that this complete car is actually quite the bargain.


  • Inquiries: TYPEONE, 1-3-16, Minamiogikubo, Suginami Ward, Tokyo

    Tel: 03-3247-6601


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