Featuring a Gorgeous Roadster and a Traditional Japanese Style Nissan Cube! | Phantom Auto Salon Report: Student Power Explosion Edition [V-OPT]

Published : 2021/01/22 19:13 Modified : 2021/01/22 19:13

Incredible student-built Auto Salon machines – part 2: Mana P reports [NEW]


College Kadan Automobile University & Kanto Industrial College Edition



Today we bring you the second installation of the student cars section of our report on 2021’s “phantom” Auto Salon. The first is this NA Roadster from College Kadan Automobile University. Starting with a base car that was ready to fall apart, the students fully restored and tuned it. The result is this turboed end product.



The second is this Nissan Cube from Kanto Industrial College students. The unmistakably traditional Japanese patterning is – unbelievably – not a wrap, but painted on. Furthermore, the theme continues inside, with “hina” dolls displayed in the luggage space. Even Mana P is unable to hide his shock at such an over-the-top display of “student power.”