「Long-Awaited 20-Inch Model Arrives!」Inspired by the FIA-GT3 Wheel, Its the Volk Racing GT090【Best Wheel Guide】

Published : 2021/01/22 23:52 Modified : 2021/01/22 23:53

Compatible with sports models including the R35 GT-R!


The ‘hypersports’ GT090 moves up to the premium zone


The GT090 is a new series from Volk Racing. Directly inspired by wheels from the FIA-GT3, the wheel has a nine slim spoke design with excellent stress distribution and lightness.


RAYS Volk Racing GT090


The GT090 targets hypersports models over 600ps with its excellent traction performance. Until now, RAYS has kept the only size option in this lineup at 21-inch. One year later, after receiving numerous requests for a 20-inch model, they now announce its arrival.


RAYS Volk Racing GT090


Even though the size is reduced by a full inch, the functional beauty of the thin spoked rigid GT090 design remains totally intact. To emphasize the detailed shape, a new color called Shining Black Metal is also added to the lineup.


RAYS Volk Racing GT090


The weight saving holes on the sides of the spoke are changed in mere millimeters to correspond with the shorter spoke lengths of the size change.


RAYS Volk Racing GT090


The weight saving holes are an eye-catching point but the real key to the beauty of this wheel lies in the slant-shaped spokes that appear thinner than they actually are. The ultra-functional beauty of this GT3 style wheel has both the lightweight and high-strength bases covered.


RAYS Volk Racing GT090


The thin sidewall around the circumference is this design’s other strongpoint. It creates a large aperture and appears larger than it is. The machined logo and accent line along the outer edge give the wheel a personality fit for hyper-sports models.


RAYS Volk Racing GT090 on an R35 GT-R


Because of its forged construction the GT series is suitable for higher performance than the G series. As the standard size for the R35 GT-R and GR Supra is 20-inch, this is a series of top performance wheel that will surely meet expectations for those models.






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●Manufacturer:RAYS Engineering