The Tesla Model 3 Makes a Fine Tuning Car! | Putting the Fun of Customization on the Table for EV Owners [Phantom Tokyo Auto Salon]

Published : 2021/02/01 21:03 Modified : 2021/02/01 21:06

Dressed for battle in these sporty and elegant aero parts!


Production underway taking circuit racing needs into account 


From their base in Okayama prefecture, “Heart Up World” specialize not only in selling used cars, but also producing and selling their own range of parts. In recent years they have been working industriously to advance EV tuning. This time, they have announced this tuned Tesla Model 3 (2021 model).



The aero parts cladding the exterior are Heart Up World’s own brand “KOKORO”‘s latest work. In addition to a front bumper spoiler, side skirts and rear bumper spoiler, options include a “mustache” (spoilers surrounding the side ducts), turn light spoilers and a trunk spoiler.



This front lip spoiler attaches to the bottom of the stock bumper. Its shape, drawing upwards and inwards in the center, helps to prevent scratches from contact with the road surface.



This side skirt is designed to prevent turbulence down the side of the body and improve the aerodynamics of the lower chassis. Its shape, protruding out to the side, can be seen on many a racing car. Further, the turn light cover on the front fender gets a carbon fiber spoiler of its own.



The wheels are currently in development, with a protype set of 20 inchers (F: 9J +40 R: 10J +40), wrapped in Nitto NT555G2 (F: 245/30 R: 275/30) tires.



We’re told this steering wheel for the Model 3 was finished the day before we visited. It comes in this sporty red carbon fiber with red stitching. The floor mats decorating the footwells are original pieces too.



Heart Up World’s representative, Yoshihiro Sato said “We want to use this Tesla to put across the message to as many car fans as we can: ‘EVs are fast and fun!’ We’re hoping to get it on the track too!” With performance parts such as brake pads and suspension kits on the way from his company, we hope to see some full-on EV tuning in the near future.


Text and photos: Daisuke Yamamoto

  • Thanks to: Heart Up World

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