Featuring Daigo Saito’s Drift Machines Down The Years! | Where Are They Now? D1GP Edition [V-OPT]

Published : 2021/02/01 13:32 Modified : 2021/02/01 13:32

D1GP Cars: Where Are They Now? – Daigo Saito [NEW]



Welcome to the V-OPT channel’s new project – “D1GP Cars: Where Are They Now?” Our second target is Daigo Saito of Fat Five Racing. The ever familiar Manabu Suzuki was our reporter.



Mana-P goes over the fine details of these super tuned cars – some of which have championship winning history to their names – and gets an interview with the man himself, Daigo Saito. Feast your eyes on these machines steeped in the personality of a world famous Japanese drift racer.