Attention Z34 Owners! 78WORKS’ New LED Headlights and Taillights are Too Cool For School!

Published : 2021/02/02 15:06 Modified : 2021/02/02 15:06

Black inner housing will sharpen up your car’s looks!


Eyes on 78WORKS’ LED lighting parts for the Z34


A subdivision of Global Trading, who produce “Crystal Eyes” for people carriers and SUVs, along with “auto jewellery” for import super-sports cars, “78WORKS” is aimed at the Japanese domestic market (although they do have parts for a limited amount of imported cars). Their latest work is this set of LED tail lamps, following the release of their LED headlights last year.



This demo car uses the 2017 Nismo as a base and keeps changes conservative. 78WORKS have added their headlights and tailights to a new set of wheels in what is arguably a challenge to see just how much “custom” atmosphere they can stir up with minimal modifications.



First lets take a look at the full LED headlights (160,000 yen), which have been popular since their release. The highlight with these has to be their three-eyed design, contrasting with the blackout housing, which gives them an overwhelming sense of presence. All three lights are on in both high beam and dipped positions, giving the car a much more aggressive style than the stock units.


These headlights focus not only on form, but on function too. The specially designed three-eye projector LEDs are fed by a high power chip and use large heat sinks, producing beautiful light distribution with a crystal clear cut line. And they come better specced than previous aftermarket parts, complete with coating to prevent connectors from coming loose and a special film to keep air and moisture out.



You can toggle the turn signals between sequential and flashing modes.



Along with DRLs and position lamps, you get a fun start-up sequence when you turn on the ignition.



The taillights are on course for a 2021 release. These too use black inner housing, giving them an intense look. The lighting elements are all LED, with turn signal and brake light configuration exclusive to the Z34.



As with the headlights, the turn signals come with switchable sequential and flashing modes. Apparently the lenses will be available in a crystal finish as well as this smoked type.



The wheels on this demo car are 20 inch Zenith 5F Lines from Weber Sports. The copper-gold color is a perfect match for the white bodywork.



Both headlights and taillights fit all model years across the entire Z34 range. Installation is, of course, plug and play. To Z34 owners with a strong inclination for customization, why not give these a try?


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