Prized By Honda Fans: An Audience With the Spoon NSX-R GT2! | Echoes of Macau GP [Phantom Auto Salon 2021]

Published : 2021/02/04 15:48 Modified : 2021/02/04 15:48

Remade with a high endurance 3.2L engine and 6 speed transmission


Don’t miss the race-ready cockpit!


The Macau Grand Prix is Asia’s most highly acclaimed international race with the longest tradition. The car we introduce today was a T-car (spare car) for the Spoon NSX-R GT that did so well there (a 3rd place podium finish in 2008).



While this T-car never actually raced at the Macau Grand Prix, it has been on many a pilgrimage to circuits in North America and Europe since 2009. This is truly a machine that has been around the world and back.



At the Macau Grand Prix this car was packing a modified 3.5L C32B engine with 6 individual throttle bodies. Now it has a more reliability focused N1 spec 3.2L unit. It’s almost a stock C32B, but for intake and exhaust mods and ECU settings that raise output to 350ps.


The transmission has been converted to the 6 speed from a standard NA2. An oversize fuel tank and quick change system suggest that endurance racing is on the menu for this machine.



This car sports the same one-off front and rear bumpers as the one that ran in the main event. The utilitarian beauty of its styling, formed from experience accrued from innumerable races, is fresh even today.



The suspension system uses Spoon’s own racing coilovers as a base. The wheels are Prodrive GC-010Gs, which are shod in Advan A052s (F: 235/45 R17 R: 245/40 R18).



The interior is simple, as is usual in a racing car. Both seats and dash are full dry carbon jobs, and all superfluous accoutrements are out. The steering wheel is a Spoon original, and an AIM data logger replaces the stock metering.



In case you were wondering, this machine is currently on display at TYPEONE, Spoon’s maintenance department, where it gets periodical services to keep it ready to go. We would absolutely love to see this thing in action on Japan’s race tracks.


Text: Hiroaki Miki

Photos: Nobutoshi Kaneko/Hiroaki Miki

  • Thanks to: Spoon

     1-3-16 Minamiogikubo, Suginami Ward, Tokyo

     Tel: 03-3427-6601




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