A Closer Look at the God-like Abilities of D1’s Top Driver | Relive the Final Round at Tsukuba Through Intense Onboard Camera Footage [V-OPT]

Published : 2021/02/10 12:56 Modified : 2021/02/10 12:56

Onboard with 2020 Series Champion Masanori Kohashi – final round and course introduction [NEW]



This time on V-OPT – a drift technique special edition, courtesy of undisputed D1GP 2020 series champion Masanori Kohashi. Through intense onboard footage, he explains the key points of his approach to tackling the course at Tsukuba. 



But that isn’t all. You can also watch the events of the Round 8 final – which bore witness to a high-speed tandem battle against Naoki Nakamura – from the onboard camera. Don’t miss the god-like drifting on display from these professional drift racers!