「Amazing Drift Techniques Unique to Southern Japan」Famous Drivers Katsuhiro Ueo and Masao Suenaga Go Head-to-Heat in Street Drift’s Hottest Era!【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/02/11 11:21 Modified : 2021/02/11 11:21

Suenaga Brothers & Ueo Battle – The 69th Ika-ten South Kyushu Drift Tournament V-OPT075.⑤



This V-OPT edition plays back footage from the 69th Ika-ten South Kyushu Tournament. It includes a gathering of talented drivers, including the Suenaga brothers who went on to make a huge impact in D1GP. In the team competition, you can see amazing technique by the Suenaga brothers and drift master Katsuhiro Ueo.



In the individual final match, a heated battle between Katsuhiro Ueo and Masao Suenaga took place. D1GP-level skills at a near grassroots level were on display. Which driver do you think won this AE86 showdown? Watch and find out.