「It’s All About the 4th Generation Model!」Advan Racing RG-4 Arrives【Best Wheel Guide】

Published : 2021/02/12 10:12 Modified : 2021/02/12 10:12

The 4th generation RG brings a feeling of dynamism


Sizing starts from 18-inches!


The RG that serves as the benchmark for Advan naturally has to evolve. The cast 1-piece model suits a wide range of sports models from lightweight vehicles to high-powered 4WD cars. The “RG” initials stand for “Racing & Gymkhana”.



The 4th generation model has undergone a major renewal and been dubbed the RG-4. The spokes which rise at the outward edge smoothly drop inward in a straight line toward the center. Deep side cuts are engraved on the sides of the spokes to express a feeling of dynamism and lightweightedness. Face designs are set at “Standard”, “GTR” and “Super GTR”.


The detailed finish is both bold and intricate. The shape of the spokes has been scrutinized in millimeters for top performance. While it is a full-face one-piece design, it appears to have an outer rim because of its shape.


“You could say this is a 6-spoke sibling of the 5-spoke TC-4 model. Both wheels use the same new typeface logo. The color lineup has also been updated,” says designer and producer Mr. Hagiwara.


Racing White Metallic & Ring

Racing Hyper Black & Ring

Racing Copper Bronze

Semi-Gloss Black


There are 4 color options available. Machining is applied to the outer circumference of Racing Hyper Black and Racing White Metallic. The addition of attractive colors copper bronze and semi-gloss black are also a must-see point.



The photoshoot vehicle is the FK8 Civic Type R demo car of HKS. According to the car’s body color, Racing Hyper Black was selected. Sizing is 9.5J +45 at both front and rear. Tires are Advan A052 in 265/35-18 sizing.



As with all Advan products, there have been zero compromises in terms of performance, strength and lightness. With the dramatic rebirth of the RG-4, Advan Racing begins a new era.




Colors:Racing White Metallic & Ring/Racing Hyper Black & Ring/Racing Copper Bronze/Semi-Gloss Black


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