「86 & BRZ Owners Gotta Check this Out」A Duck-Tail Trunk Lid That Follows the Genuine Body Lines!

Published : 2021/02/12 17:46 Modified : 2021/02/12 17:46

A stylish duck-tail shape for the 86/BRZ!


Available in two types: Lightweight carbon and reasonable FRP


Tuning fans worldwide are already familiar with well-established tuning shop “Do-Luck” who emerged in the heyday of the second generation Skyline GT-R. They are still active today in the production of D1GP machines. Their latest creation is this performance aero trunk lid for the 86 & BRZ.


Do-Luck 86/BRZ Aero Trunk Lid

Do-Luck 86/BRZ Aero Trunk Lid

Do-Luck 86/BRZ Aero Trunk Lid


Utilizing the genuine factory lines of the 86 & BRZ body, this duck tail shape spoiler looks stylish while providing added downforce during sports driving. Ribs seen on the underside to provide rigidity also allow for the installation of a GT-style wing. Pricing is 78,000yen for the FRP version and 98,000yen for the carbon version. This product comes highly recommended for both circuit and show users.


●取材協力:Do-Luck  152-1 Okumacho, Tsuzuki, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture TEL:045-471-0500


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