We Have a Go in Fun-omenal Twin Engine Vitz | It Takes Two to Tango in this Mad Machine [Phantom Tokyo Auto Salon 2021]

Published : 2021/02/12 15:03 Modified : 2021/02/12 15:03

This Vitz doesn’t know whether its coming or going!


Two differing concepts in red and blue

Goodness gracious, this is… different. From Toyota Technical College, student mechanics and sales engineers who will bear the future of the automotive world have created this custom car, which they have dubbed “Vit2” (a play on words using “Vitz” and the Japanese pronunciation of 2 – “tsuu”).



This astonishing build consists of the front halves of two first generation Toyota Vitzes with an engine tucked away under both of the hoods. That’s right, this is a twin engine build, baby. Lets dig into the details.



The concept behind this build was “a different style each day – in the same car!” To this end, the interior and exterior designs of the red and blue bodies are completely different.


Starting with the red half, it gets a racing look – with sporty wheels and a Bride full bucket seat inside. On the other hand, the blue half has color coded steel wheels and a colorful interior for a cutesy vibe.



At the point where the two bodies converge is a giant 3D zipper, drawing attention to the “2 in 1” style – a very student-esque whim.



In simple terms, the system works by having a driving seat at either end of the car, with an engine and steering wheel to go with each one. To get moving, both drivers have to act in concert, and depending on their steering inputs, they can either work together or cancel each other out.



“Mana P” (Manabu Suzuki), who test drove the Vit2 gave his impression, saying, “In a word – madness. You lose track of which way the steering wheel is pointing, it kind of slides sideways. It really messes with your senses (laughing). I guess you could say its like your body can’t keep up with what’s going on in your head. But this kind of crazy build is something you can only do as a student, and this kind of experience will for sure be useful for them in the future.”



Adults just don’t have this kind of sensibility and imagination. We’re looking forward to seeing more from these students, who will one day support the tuning and car customization industry. 


Thanks to: Toyota Technical College Tokyo (Tel: 0120-76-1929)



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