「R31 House Receives Honor Award From Nissan Infiniti?!」Their Q60 Skyline Coupe’s D1GP Participation was Approved by the Manufacturer!

Published : 2021/02/13 18:22 Modified : 2021/02/13 18:22

Infiniti brand officially certified as a supporter!


Keep your eye on the breakthrough by “SHIBATA DRIFT RACING TEAM” in 2021


SHIBATA R31 HOUSE continues to take on the competition in the D1 Grand Prix Series with their Infiniti Q60 (North American Market Skyline Coupe) that was not released domestically. Their success has caught the eye of Nissan Motor’s premium brand Infiniti. They became certified as an official supporter.



In response to this, the graphics on the car were updated with “INFINITI Approved Supporter”. A brand new livery will be debuted at the D1GP TSUKUBA DRIFT event on January 30, 2021.



Currently, only SHIBATA R31 HOUSE have this certification from the Infiniti brand as an official supporter. With strong backing from the manufacturer, they’re sure to make even further strides in 2021.


●Contact:SHIBATA R31HOUSE  1081 Kuroiwa, Sakahogi, Kamo, Gifu Prefecture  TEL:0574-28-0899


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