「Star Road’s Sleek S30Z for the Modern Era!」You Can Comfortably Enjoy the Fully Tuned 3.2L L28 Engine!【Phantom Tokyo Auto Salon 2021】

Published : 2021/02/14 23:21 Modified : 2021/02/14 23:21

Full of driver comforts yet can still lap Tsukuba in the 1 minute 1 second range!


Power comes from a 380 horsepower 3.2L modified L28 mecha-tune engine.


With the philosophy of “user-oriented old car revival”, tuning shop Star Road has been thoroughly committed to full-scale restoration of classic Japanese cars. They have focused particularly on Nissan L-Type engine tuning. This S30Z which is colored in vivid orange is one of their stand out works to date. It has already proven to be popular among Japanese old car fans but also Datsun freaks worldwide.




The car is built with circuit use in mind, but you can easily enjoy stress-free daily city driving in it. It has lapped Tsukuba circuit in 1 minute 1 second even without a GT wing or weight reduction.




The engine is a 3.2L modified L28 with 89φ forged pistons, I cross-section narrow connecting rod, and full-counter crank with an 86mm stroke. Although the car is NA, it has still achieved a max output of 380ps.




The carburator is a φ50 Solex unit. The exhaust system is equipped with stainless steel isometric headers and 80φ exhaust. At high rotation, you can enjoy the sensual and stimulating sound of this fully tuned L28.




The cockpit is given updates while still respecting the classic original factory interior. The gauges are Defi Link and LED lighting updates the S30’s factory center console. It is also equipped with such driver comforts as electric power steering and air conditioning.




The seat was upgraded to a BRIDE semi-bucket, the Gaias 2 model. The interior has soundproofing and vibraton reduction in place to eliminate the noise that old cars are known to have. The interior has enough modern comforts to make it feel fresh and new.




The exterior is equipped with Star Road’s “Fighter” body kit. The bumperless-style integrated rear apron gives the car a sleek shape.




Star Road original Glow Star wheels are installed all around. Sizing is 15-inch with 9J -53 up front and 12J -60 at the rear. Overfenders give the car a widebody stance, expanding the overall width to 1860mm.


The suspension is Star Road’s original coilover setup (F8kg/mm R6kg/mm). An original brake setup was also installed to improve stopping power, incorporating R32 Skyline genuine calipers at the front and S14 Silvia calipers on the rear.



A powerful tune such as this one brings a classic icon straight into the modern era. This is the latest in old car custom tuning by Star Road.


●Special Thanks:Star Road  8-23-1 Kita-Koiwa, Edogawa, Tokyo  TEL:03-5668-5675


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