「We Test Drive Smokey Nagata’s Golden GT-R!」Driver Akira Iida’s Takes Top Secret’s Demo Car Star for a Spin【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/02/16 13:48 Modified : 2021/02/16 13:48

Akira Iida test drives this year’s Phantom Tokyo Auto Salon shop cars TOP SECRET edition【NEW VIDEO】



In this clip, racing driver Akira Iida pays a visit to Top Secret. He spoke directly with Smokey Nagata himself about the shop’s new demo car and tuning parts that were developed for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.



Later on, Iida takes the freshly completed shining gold R35 GT-R demo car for a test drive, giving us his impression. Watch as he carefully examines this machine packed with all the latest tuning technology from Top Secret!