Outside the Box: Integra Truck Defies Expectations | With a Surprise in the Truck Bed… [Phantom Auto Salon 2021]

Published : 2021/02/18 15:23 Modified : 2021/02/18 15:23

A Japanese style diorama unfurls in the truck bed!


Pick up truck hides a quirk in every corner!


Hailing from Koriyama City, Fukushima, WiZ International Information Engineering College were recipients of an award of excellence in the Concept Car segment of Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 with their “Century Strange Edition.” Their effort for 2021 is this DC2 Integra pickup truck.



The monocoque body has been cut apart, with the back of the car undergoing an audacious truck conversion.  A new tilting hood gives the car an even stronger “custom” flavor.



To go with the pickup truck conversion, the students built hinges to allow opening and closing of the tailgate. This involved cutting the taillights in two, and in a show of attention to detail the edges are buttery smooth.



Conversely, the inside has wood pattern seats and straw mats for the carpets, giving a distinctly Japanese feel. And yet it has a sporty side too – the dashboard gets a suede re-skin and there is a rollcage.



And the coup de grace would have to be the “Japan in the good old days” diorama in the truck bed. A miniature of the “Inte-truck” lingers in the garden while koi carp swim in the pond. You can almost imagine the calming sound of crows cawing amidst the murmuring of the river as the waterfall flows into it. Apparently it was put together using a mixture of resin, clay, polystyrene and paint.



While the students say they would have liked to finish the car to a higher level, COVID-19 limited the amount of time they had. That said, we can only applaud their enthusiasm.


Thanks to: WiZ International Information Engineering College, 2-4-15 Hohatcho, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture (Tel: 024-956-0030)


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