「Will Rahman Yamada Return?! 」Playback of MAX Orido’s Tsukuba Super Lap from 2000!【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/02/20 10:24 Modified : 2021/02/20 10:24

MAX Orido Attacks! Tsukuba Super Lap 2000 Rd.6 Part 1 V-OPT.076①



MAX Orido challenged the Tsukuba Super Lap in 2000 on behalf of Rahman Yamada who was fired (?) after receiving complaints from viewers. This video plays back highlights of that powerful run.



The attack vehicles this time were from industy top-tier tuners such as Yume Kobo (FD3S), Feast (BNR32) and Esprit (EK9). After examining each car in detail, a young MAX Orido goes flat out on the legendary circuit!