「The Definitive ‘Ever-Evolving’ Widebody Kit for Z33!」Newly Developed Canards and Rear Wing!【Phantom Tokyo Auto Salon 2021】

Published : 2021/02/20 09:39 Modified : 2021/02/20 09:39

A race-inspired super wide and low look


Design work that emphasizes an aggressive look


New elements including canards and a rear wing have been added to custom factory Spirit Rei’s original KAEN series of aero parts. Its race-inspired widebody shape is likely to attract a lot of attention in dress-up tuning circles but could also be applied for circuit use.



The KAEN body kit saw its first release in 2017. It is a widebody spec that adds 55mm of width at the front to each side and 85mm to the rear at each side. The design is a masterwork that makes use of the car’s genuine bodylines but injects a unique and aggressive wide style.



The new canard parts are specially designed to liven up the front bumper’s shape and have a two-level structure with a larger canard placed over a smaller one below. The parts protrude from the bumper to catch and direct air during sports driving.



To balance the addition of sporty canards at the front, a large high-mount wing was introduced at the rear. The complex shape of the wing flows well with the rest of the body shape.



An Air Force Super Performance Kit was installed on the car seen here in the photoshoot to control ride height. Wheels are 19-inch Work Meister S1 (F11J -39, R13J -51). Tires are Toyo Proxes R888R (F265/35, R325/30).



With the addition of these special parts to amp up the aggressive style, the KAEN kit gains even more visual presence. For Z33 owners who want to make an image change, this kit should not be overlooked.


TEXT:Daisuke Yamamoto

PHOTO:Nobutoshi Kaneko / Daisuke Yamamoto

●Special Thanks:Spirit Rei 5-5 Rokutanda, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture TEL:0857-54-5055



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