「The VARIS Ultra-Wide GR Supra Evolves Yet Again!」Packed Full of Original Cutting-Edge Technology【Phantom Tokyo Auto Salon 2021】

Published : 2021/02/21 14:24 Modified : 2021/02/21 14:24

Premium aero parts for a “grown-up” look


A widebody created based on wheel and tire size calculations


Upon its announcement at last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, the VARIS elegant and original “Supreme” body kit attracted a lot of attention. It remains one of the most advanced and complete widebody kits for the GR Supra. A year later, the kit was refined and updated for 2021. Let’s look at the details.



Based on a true “form follows function” concept, the front is equipped with a lip spoiler and canards that improve downforce without overdoing it. The orange lines accentuate the precision of the design.



The kit includes a high performance bonnet with added cooling ducts and an aggressive press line not available in the genuine factory product. Representatives at VARIS tell us they have spent more time and effort on designing the GR Supra kit than of their previous products. The bonnet is “the most functionally effective piece in the kit and really changes the overall impression of the car,” they say.



The fenders have been produced based on accomodating GT300 size tires. The specific sizing for production were 335/30-18 tires on 13J +45 wheels. Using that as a base, calculations took the fenders to widths that added 85mm on each side at the front and 70mm on each side at the rear.


The wheels installed on the demo car for this shoot are Rays new 18-inch “Volk Racing 21C” in FR 11J -30 size. The classical taste with dimple style indentations on the spokes and deep step outer rim really catches the eye.



The shape of the rear wing is unchanged from the previous model but by using wet carbon as the material, significant weight reduction is achieved. Despite the broad width of 1800mm, the weight of the main flap is under 2.6kg.



The total form is wide and aggessive without going overboard. VARIS has realized an even higher balanced sense of unity with this evolved and complete kit.



Widebody Full Kit:1.05 Million Yen

(Contents: Front wide lip spoiler, front fender + extension, sideskirt + underboard panel + side air shroud, rear fender, rear fender shroud)


PHOTO:Nobutoshi Kaneko

●Special Thanks:VARIS TEL:042-689-2939



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