「Legendary Fastest Wangan Tuners Take On Tsukuba Circuit!」Pay Close Attention to the Scoot FD3S and JUN Supra【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/02/23 23:16 Modified : 2021/02/23 23:16

Rahman Yamada Tsukuba Super Lap Battle 2000 Rd.6 Part 2



This is the 2000 Tsukuba Super Lap featuring a lineup of the fiercest competitors. Rahman Yamada was once voted out by viewers but makes his brilliant return in this edition. He appears at Tsukuba circuit behind the wheel of each famous shop’s demo car to see what they’ve really got.




The time attack machines are all super tuners including such famous cars as the Scoot FD3S and JUN Supra. After an in-depth look at each of the cars, Rahman Yamada gives them all a solid thrashing around Tsukuba! Watch and find out what happens!