Functionality Rivalling a Tuned 4A-G! | Mark 1 Vitz RS No Compromise Mechanical Tune [OPTION back number]

Published : 2021/02/24 15:36 Modified : 2021/02/24 15:36

In this edition, we introduce this SCP10 Vitz, following a build concept best described as an “FF AE86”. Just the right amount of power to throw about, and sharp response from individual throttle bodies combine to make this a truly stimulating car. (From OPTION Magazine 2002, May Edition)



Thrilling responsiveness injected into a compact car!


Exciting individual throttle body build reminds us of a tuned AE86


The Vitz RS (NCP13) arrives with a strident racing car-like growl that doesn’t tally with its cutesy looks. It’s supposed to have an eco-minded engine, but the crisp sound is more reminiscent of a tuned 4A-G. Something is amiss here.



Open the hood, and inside is a 1NZ-FE engine complete with four sparkling funnels. That’s right, this Vitz is rocking a sports injection kit.


To get the best effect from the catalytic convertor, recent FF cars employ reverse-flow cylinder heads, sucking air from in front of the engine and ejecting it from the back. This individual throttle body setup aims to make the most of this, sucking air directly from behind the grill before it accumulates any heat.



The throttle bodies themselves are AE101 parts. That said, due to the difference between the engines, the dimensions are completely different, so this is no mere bolt on job. A good amount of effort went into the installation, including building a one-off intake manifold.


To go with the new individual throttle bodies, the air flow control gets switched from the stock system to a pressure sensor activated D-Jetronic system. Adding an A’PEXi S-AFC to the stock computer to control the fuel injection system raises power 30ps to 140ps.



The suspension is a custom special, using Öhlins’ PCV kit as a base. The wheels are Volk Racing TE37s – 6J x 15 inch all around. The brakes get a performance bump too, with slotted rotors and stainless mesh hoses.



On the inside, a roll-cage for the 3-door Vitz is installed after modifications to make it fit. Apparently the owner chose the 5-door as a base because his large dog is a frequent passenger. The driver’s seat is a Sparco full bucket.



The exhaust is a one-off with a 50φ pipe. Although the exit remains in the same place as standard, the layout switches to a straight type here. The body kit is from C-WEST.



With a responsive engine packed into its tiny body, this machine is ready to battle it out in gymkhana and similar disciplines. Its brisk and direct style makes it an entertaining car, bearing a close resemblance to classics like the Autobianchi A112 and the Mini Cooper.