「The Boldest FK8 Type R」A Widebody Civic Packed with VARIS Technology!

Published : 2021/02/25 16:36 Modified : 2021/02/25 16:36

Visually stunning aerodynamics that prioritize driving performance


30mm front and 25mm rear wide style!


The FK8 Civic Type R is a car that has the potential to lap Tsukuba in one minute flat, even with only light tuning. Naturally, widening the tread width and installing wider tires will further increase stability and enhance the fighting power of this chassis. This is why VARIS have envisioned fitting BMW M2 wheels (PCD 120, same as the Civic) for use as their standard for building a body kit. By calculating fender widths from there, they developed a kit that increased the fender width on each side by 30mm at the front and 25mm at the rear.



“It’s obviously possible to go wider, but we wanted a user-friendly wider kit that didn’t require the use of spacers,” says Mr. Yahagi, representative of VARIS. In other words, it was widened to the optimum width for improving driving performance. If there are requests for a need to accomodate thicker tires and more tread width, Mr. Yahagi says, “Its possible to add fender extensions for increased width.”



This set of widebody fenders can be installed with the front bumper of the already available “Rising 2” series. A new lip spoiler was manufactured according to the wider specfication, but this can also be installed normally on the “Rising 2” front bumper.



The cooling bonnet pictured here (VSDC: 320,000yen) can be used for such applications as Super Taikyu participating vehicles. Bonnet side ducts (80,000yen) further increase cooling performance. These were all of course produced through rigorous testing data.



The area around the rear is made up of the same parts as the conventional demo car shown previously, but this GT wing pictured (250,000yen) has been newly developed with an added 6cm of width to match the wider body.



The price of the full kit including the wide fenders is projected at 1.05 million yen. Considering that it consists of a front bumper, special extension lip, side skirts with underpanels and wide fenders, this is quite a reasonable price.


Its shape composed of smooth flowing curves is like a work of art. With proven function to match this beauty, this kit is the complete package. It is a product that can only come from VARIS.


●Special Thanks:VARIS  TEL:042-689-2939



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