Brutally Fast Alto Works Sends the Big Boys Scrambling! | 1:08 at Tsukuba with Value for Money Tune!?

Published : 2021/02/25 13:37 Modified : 2021/02/25 13:37

Performance belies kei-car roots


Original bolt-on turbo raises power to 120ps!


With the Swift Sport as one of their main specialties, “R’s” are experts when it comes to tuning Suzukis. From the moment they got hold of the current-gen Alto Works, they set about developing parts for it. They already have a line-up more than varied enough to make a full tune possible and their expertise is such that be it street, sports or even track use, they have a set-up that meets your needs.



The demo car we’re reporting on this time produces 120ps from its stock engine with the addition of R’s original RRP High Power Turbine Kit. Incredibly, this car has recorded a time of 1:08.296 at Tsukuba Circuit (driver: Takuto Iguchi).



The car is set up from engine to exhaust with R’s’ own parts. The street legal exhaust system looks like this: RRP Catalyzer – RRP Racing Front Pipe – RRP Center Pipe – RRP High Performance Muffler.



Original dampers sit at the heart of the suspension, alongside a 1.5 way mechanical LSD making for a set-up that can handle everything from circuit racing to driving around town. Potenza RE-71RS tires (F/R 165/50 R15) are the order of the for track use.



The aero parts adorning the exterior are of R’s’ own making, too. Of these, the hood is an absolute gem that boasts both light weight and cooling capabilities. A look at the underside makes R’s’ no compromise approach clear to see.



The rear wing enhances the cars sense of presence, stretching the silhouette of the roof-line. Although the main material here is FRP, a version with carbon fiber end plates is available.


This is a tuned kei car that demonstrates R’s’ exceptional ability to set up cars. Squeezing more performance out of cars using commercially available parts has always been their MO, and they have done it once again with this Alto Works.


Thanks to: R’s, 505-1 Kiheicho, Higashi Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Tel: 053-431-6303)



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