「Famous Drifters in Their Younger Days!」Nomu-ken’s Drift Superstar Technique Round Up!【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/02/26 09:54 Modified : 2021/02/26 09:54

Nomu-ken’s look at Drift Star ★ Technique V-OPT.076 ④ 2000



The video contents this time are a look back at the top drifters in the year 2000 who brought excitement to the scene with their unique personalities and driving skill. Nomu-ken reports on the young superstars in the drift world who gained strong follower support.



Included is rare footage of figures who have made a huge name for themselves like Nobushige Kumakubo of Ebisu Circuit and Hisashi Kamimoto who became a familiar face as a D1GP judge. Another highlight of this footage is seeing the nostalgic style of the drift cars from that era. Watch and enjoy!