On Par With 1000ps GT-Rs! | Fearsome Street-Legal 86 Exhibits Intense Speed at Suzuka!

Published : 2021/02/26 15:45 Modified : 2021/02/26 15:45

FR monster fights with 600ps heart as its weapon


2 minutes 10 seconds at Suzuka with no weight reduction!


The Screen 86 threw the industry into uproar when, in late 2019, it set a 2 minute 11 second lap at Suzuka Circuit. Never mind the course record for a street-legal 86, this time was right up there with R35 GT-Rs pushing 1000ps.


One year later, that mighty 86 was back at Suzuka Circuit with improvements in every department, ready for another attack. The result was a brilliant 2:10.795 lap time.



Let’s take a look at the modifications. Above all else, the power upgrades hold the most interest for us here. The FA20 engine gets HKS low compression pistons, I beam conrods, and a long-stroke crankshaft in a 2.1L specification. The ports and each part of the engine receive Screen’s original treatment. A turbo takes care of induction; the charger in question here is an HKS GTII8267 high flow type.



To match the high power output, the fuel port injectors get an upgrade to high capacity 555cc HKS ones, and the stock fuel pump makes way for a reinforced unit. Also worthy of note is the management: ECUTEK have re-flashed the main computer program to keep everything under precise control. At max boost of 1.5 kilos, the engine delivers 623ps and 66.8kgm of torque.



The centerpiece of the suspension is the pinnacle of D2 Japan’s lineup – the Super Racing 3-Way damper kit. Spring rate is 14kg/mm up front and 16kg/mm at the rear. On top of this are adjustable drop links from Revolution and strengthening parts from Marche.



The tires are Potenza’s radial RE12D model, in 265/35 R18 both front and rear. The wheels are Volk Racing TE37SLs (9.5×18 +45). Radial tires are a must for a car that is, at the end of the day, a street car.



In the cabin, snug fitting Recaro RMS buckets replace the stock seats, and there are Trust boost, water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure gauges. In keeping with the road-car concept, the door liners and carpets remain in place, and with no real weight reduction worth mentioning, the car weighs 1300kg.


As for the drivetrain, the transmission is swapped for a Hollinger 6 speed sequential. This is combined with an ORC dual plate clutch, and a Cusco RS LSD.



Professional racing driver Naoya Gamo, the driver on the day, said: “I’m so happy we could improve upon last time’s record! This car is definitely all about using the power to get better times. Yes, it has a GT wing, but it’s stock width, so there’s no wide tread or massive aero devices to spare your blushes in corners like the S-bends. On the other hand, it has low drag, which means the top speed is better. There’s still room for improvement with this time.”



Of course the next target is to break the 2 minute 10 second barrier. We’ll be keeping a close eye on just how this mighty street-legal 86 evolves in future.


Thanks to: Screen (Tel: 022-348-3761)


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