「The Famous RB26DETT Becomes a Scale ‘Gachapon’ Toy!」With 4 Versions and Scale Accuracy Unheard Of For the Price!

Published : 2021/02/27 18:48 Modified : 2021/02/27 18:52

1/24 Scale Toy Model for Only 400円!


Insert coins and try your luck to get your favorite version, or see if you can collect them all!


The RB26DETT is an engine that is known all over the world for its race and tuning heritage. Now, fans of the powerplant will be able to collect detailed scale toy versions that will be sold in “Gachapon” coin-operated vending machines.


Toys Cabin RB26DETT Collection

Toys Cabin RB26DETT Collection

Toys Cabin RB26DETT Collection


The 3D printed image above is a version before final finish and color have been added. The final version will be a highly detailed model available in four types of the engine that came in the BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34 and BNR34 Nür. The different versions are not just different in color, but different down to such details as the filler cap in each model.


This toy RB26 is certain to become a hot topic among Skyline owners and fans of scale automotive modeling. The price is only 400 yen (sold in blind capsules so you don’t know what you get until you open it) and scheduled for a June 2021 release. We can’t wait for it!


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