「The Standard in FD3S Turbo Kits has Evolved!」Commercially Available Parts that Resulted in a 55.226 Second Lap of Tsukuba

Published : 2021/02/28 21:10 Modified : 2021/02/28 21:10

The new era of the “Zero-Roku” kit!


Updated exhaust manifold and waste gate


The GReddy turbo kit (TD06SH-25G) loved by high power-oriented FD3S owners finally arrives in a long-awaited V-layout model.



The V-layout (a < shape viewed from the side) arranges the intercooler and radiator at angles to each other at the front opening. This setup allows intake air temperature and water temperature to be lowered more efficiently than intercoolers installed at the front of the radiator. This layout is pretty standard nowadays for tuned FD3S cooling, but there has not been a single turbo system that matches it until now.


“There were a lot of requests for a turbo kit that could be installed directly with the V-layout setup. However, there is not simple way to make the piping. Therefore, we reviewed the design of each part and modified it to bring out the best in turbo performance,” says Mr. Kawashima of TRUST Public Relations.



This is not just a remade kit, but a “New Era TD06-25G Kit” developed in cooperation with Mr. Aoki of Ready Go Next, who presides of Tsukuba ATTACK. The exhaust manifold got an increase in diameter from the conventional 50φ up to 60φ. This matches the high exhaust pressure of the FD3S. Wall thickness was also increased. Other practical upgrades were made such as changing the waste gate to large-capacity Type C high flow to improve boost control performance.


“I’ve tried out a lot of different turbos, but after all the ‘Zero-Roku’ is the best match for the 13B. With the recent upgrades made, its become even better than before. My engine is nearly factory but combined with this kit, I clocked a 55.226 second lap. That’s pretty convincing!” says Mr. Aoki.



The price for the full V-mount kit is 540,000yen. For the exhaust manifold alone, the price is 148,000yen. Not limited to those who have already installed a V-layout kit and TD06-25G turbo, but FD3S owners who notice a lack of performance with the factory turbo should definitely consider this upgrade.


The full kit components include: TD06SH-25G 16cm2 / exhaust manifold (60φ) / aluminum compression tube / wastegate (type-C high flow) / compression tube / suction tube / Airinx (M100)

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