「This is Japan’s Fastest Skyline 400R!」Easy Boost-Up Specification Achieves 300km/h?!

Published : 2021/03/02 17:25 Modified : 2021/03/02 17:25

Can hit 295km/h by tuning only the ECU and exhaust!


Boost control reviewed gear by gear


As soon as they got their hands on the Skyline 400R, tuners Phoenixs Power have continually been pursuing what can be possible with the new generation 3.0L turbo engine.



They have already completed a boost-up spec by tuning the ECU. In that spec however, they remained unable to reach their projected top speed in the OPTION magazine sponsored trial. The record showed 280.51 km/h.



“When we checked the log data from the top speed trial, the intake air temperature was higher than expected. Because of that, we had a feeling that throttle control lowered the torque as shown on the data there,” says Mr. Yokoyama of Phoenixs Power.



However, there is no large-capacity aftermarket intercooler (water-cooled) for the 400R. Therefore, Mr. Yokoyama attacked this problem from the ECU side. The specific approach was to precisely review boost control gear by gear. This is sort of a temporary solution while they develop a suitable large-capacity intercooler for the car.



While doing this, they also began further tuning enhancements. They installed a TRUST catalyzer and Power Extreme R muffler. The effect of introducing this catalyzer was huge and apparently output was improved by nearly 40ps at its peak. The current max output was measured at 561ps at boost of 1.6kg.



The instability of the car’s rear end from around 280 km/h was also an issue as previously reported from the trial. They’ve dealth with this by installing numerous aerodynamic parts. Phoenixs Power original aero parts were added to the front, side and rear underside. A BLITZ trunk spoiler was also installed.



The suspension is based around Aragosta’s Street Type S setup. Spring rate is set to 16kg/mm front and 8kg/mm rear.

To counter high speed wobble, 20-inch BBS LM wheels from the R35 GT-R (9.5J +40) have been set front and rear. Tire size was increased from 245/35 to 275/30 in order to improve road holding.



Under these conditions, another top speed attack was made. The result was 295.5km/h, which is the highest record made among Skyline 400R measured thus far.



“We were hoping to clear 300km/h with this user-oriented boost-up specification focused on ECU tuning. However, fuel was about to reach its limit. From now, we plan to install a larger intercooler and try once again,” says Mr. Yokoyama. We have complete confidence that this Skyline 400R will further evolve and easily break the 300km/h mark.


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