「Legendary Drift Teams Duke it Out!」F.N.R and Marionette Go Head-to-Head in Battle【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/03/03 09:39 Modified : 2021/03/03 09:39

Which Team is Stronger?! All-out battle F.N.R vs Marionette! V-OPT.077①



Appearing here is the legendary drift team Marionette, in which members including Takahiro Imamura broke through as “drift samurai” and Masatoshi Asamoto and Koji Fukuda who were active in the early days of D1GP belonged. To challenge them, 200-member strong South-Japan drift coalition F.N.R arrived, led by Nomu-ken. Two such skillful teams in the history of the sport collide in this playback video of “Japan’s No. 1 Drift Team Final Battle 2000”.



It is also of note that rather than the usual judges deciding the winner, the best team was decided by audience vote. Battle after battle of super high level technique and beautiful synchronization will decide the strongest drift team in Japan! Which team will walk away victorious?! Watch and find out!