「Car Lovers Everywhere, Please Lend a Hand!」Ebisu Circuit Opens Website for Reconstruction Support

Published : 2021/03/03 11:00 Modified : 2021/03/03 11:00

Let’s help Japan’s world-class circuit complex back on its feet


Ebisu Circuit seeks assistance in crisis 


Parts of Ebisu Circuit in Fukushima Prefecture sustained serious damage during the recent earthquake that struck the Tohoku region of Japan on February 13, 2021.



Specifically, a block of administrative offices collapsed and a large landslide occured beneath the Driftland course, spreading earth and debris across a large section of the West course. The pavement of Driftland course buckled and the ground beneath it collapsed, requiring major repair. Removal of earth, sand and debris to clear the West course is needed. Other buildings including restaurants and support structures were crushed by the landslide.



Currently, Ebisu circuit staff are searching for ways to recover while ensuring measures are taken to prevent future damage. As part of this recovery action, they have launched the official “Ebisu Circuit Disaster Relief Support Site” which accepts donations to fund reconstruction. (https://www.ebisu-circuit.com/donate/)


Those who cooperated in supporting this recovery initiative will receive a “Thank You” message and their name added to an “EBISU SUPPORTERS” sign which will be erected at the West course after repairs and restoration are completed.



Currently, the only donation method is by bank transfer, but efforts are being focused on adding PayPal support in the near future. The restoration of Japan’s world-class circuit is in the hands of car fans both in Japan and abroad. We are hoping for the full recovery and bright future of such a beloved circuit complex.


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