「Check Out the Highlights of OPTION’s April Issue!」This Month We Zero In on “Deep Rims”!

Published : 2021/03/04 00:23 Modified : 2021/03/04 00:24

●The cover car is an R33 wearing Pandem’s new widebody kit!



Now that widebody kits are all the rage, the deep concave wheels that go along with it are getting more and more attention. The April issue of OPTION sets its sights on suspension and wide bodywork under the theme of “deep rims”. Whether aero parts are chose to match the wheels or vice versa, or you aim for maximizing rim depth while keeping a factory stock body, there are a lot of extreme matching examples seen here in detail.





On the subject of “who is the fastest around Japan’s Central Circuit,” we interviewed participants of the CTAC2021 which was held on January 31st. Starting with Fire Ando’s Lancer Evolution 9 which bested its own course record in just one lap, we go in depth featuring the laptimes and specs of the time attack machines that took part in this event.


●RH9 Circuit Challenge at Suzuka Part.2



The RH9 Circuit Challenge was held at Suzuka at the tail end of 2020. In the previous issue, we focused on the R35 GT-R but this time we introduce a wide variety of super tuned vehicles. In the spotlight is an 86 tuned by SCREEN. The car put down some serious lap times in full street-spec equipped with radial tires.


●Enjoy Snow Attack!



In the winter season, sports car owners in Hokkaido swap to studless and spiked tires to enjoy full-throttle driving on snow and ice. This time, we infiltrated the high-speed snow driving event, “Enjoy Snow Attack” in Mori-cho, Hokkaido. Let’s see how they really do things up North!


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