「High Speed Showdown Between the GR Supra and Skyline 400R!」Which Will Be the First to Break the 300km/h Barrier!?【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/03/07 12:16 Modified : 2021/03/07 12:16

GR SUPRA × SKYLINE 400R Top Speed Trial【New content】



In May 2020, tuning shop Phoenixs Power ran a boost-up spec GR Supra and Skyline 400R in a top speed trial sponsored by OPTION magazine. In each case, both cars recorded only 280km/h which was lower than the top speed predicted by preliminary simulations. Nine months later, after both cars underwent significant setting changes, they hit the banked course once again to challenge the target speed. The driver is Daijiro Inada, general manager of the OPTION group.



Even now at the age of 74, Inada put the pedal down and blasted into the banked corners with speed and courage. Which car among these two will be the first to reach the 300km/h target?! Watch and see what state of the art tuning in full blown attack mode can do!