「Where in the World is the Ultimate D1GP Spec R35 GT-R?」We’ve Found It! TRUST’s GReddy35 RX Spec D Edition【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/03/11 13:27 Modified : 2021/03/11 13:27

Where is that famous D1GP car now !? 〜GReddy35RX Spec-D〜【New content】



This is the fourth installment in a series to pursue the current whereabouts and situation of a once-active famous D1GP machine. The focus is D1GP’s first drift-only R35 GT-R, the TRUST GReddy35RX Spec D.



Mana-P looks back on the detailed specificatons of this super tuned series champion. He also conducts an interview with Mr. Nakagami, the director of the D1GP TRUST Racing Team. We get to find out the current whereabouts of the car which suddenly disappeared previously. Watch the video below.