「A Slammed Celica LB with Works Overfenders Thunders Through the City!」Daijiro Inada Test Drives an Old School Toyota Street Racer【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/03/16 12:06 Modified : 2021/03/16 12:07

Dai-chan’s Kaido Racer Test Drive! Celica Liftback V-OPT.077④



This time OPTION plays back Daijiro Inada’s test drive impression of an old school street racer. The featured vehicle is a wild custom Celica Liftback which got the nickname LB in Japan.



Dai praises the Celica for being overshadowed in the old school tuning scene when Nissan cars were sweeping the race world in Japan. However, this LB Celica attracts a ton of attention driving through the big city. What does Dai think about the analog steering and nostalgic driving feel? Watch and find out!