「56-Second Lap at Tsukuba Thanks To Boost-Up Tuning!」A Detailed Look at RE Amemiya’s Street Legal FD3S【V-OPT】

Published : 2021/03/20 11:24 Modified : 2021/03/20 11:24

RE Amemiya RX-7 Boost Up Specification Clocks a 56 Second Lap at Tsukuba【New Content】



The feature of this video clip is the latest FD3S produced by RE Amemiya. Although the 13B engine body has a ceramic apex seal, the port shape remains normal. It squeezes out 420 horsepower by using a modified GCG high flow turbo.



The current best time is 56.8 seconds at Tsukuba. The secret behind lap times like this are RE Amemiya’s expert tuning techniques to build upon the strengths that the FD3S was born with. Take a closer look in the video clip.