「A High-Revving NA-Tuned RX8」A Sturdy Yet Lightweight Body with Top Performance

Published : 2021/03/22 22:03 Modified : 2021/03/22 22:13

Port processing and balancing produces 230 horsepower!


Challenges to lap Fuji Speedway in under 2 minutes driven by the owner


The RX-8 seen here is a super tune by well-known shop RS Pantera that continues to evolve as a circuit machine. Its target is under the 2-minute mark at Fuji Speedway and it has already achieved a 1 minute 58 second lap.


RS Pantera RX-8 Engine Bay


The engine has been tuned aiming for 10000 rpm during regular use. Port processing by machining was done as well as weight adjustment of the front and rear rotors, weight reduction of the eccentric shaft, etc. It boasts a spec of 230ps / 24 kgm even though it is naturally aspirated. Engine control comes from RS Pantera’s original “T-ROM”.


RS Pantera RX-8 Front Suspension

RS Pantera RX-8 Rear Suspension


The roll center was changed by transplanting late model type arms to improve tracton at the rear. The coilovers are an Ohlins-based original setup. Springs are Hyperco F18kg/mm R14kg/mm.


RS Pantera RX-8 Wheel & Tire


The calipers are genuine factory with upgraded IDI pads and rotors. Wheels are 18-inch Volk Racing G25 in 10J sizing front and rear. Tires are Advan A050 (FR245/40)


RS Pantera RX-8 Interior


The interior has a sporty finish stripped of undercoating. The roll cage is a 14-point type with gusset reinforcement. An AIM multimeter is installed in front of the factory display. This was introduced to monitor all necessary readouts during time attack.


RS Pantera RX-8 Interior

RS Pantera RX-8 Carbon Trunk


Panels including doors, trunks and the roof have been replaced by RS Pantera’s original carbon fibers pieces. Glass was also swapped out to acrylic to reduce weight considerably. While adding reinforcement by spot welding, weight of the car was reduced to only 1100kg.


RS Pantera RX-8 Front Aero

RS Pantera RX-8 Rear Wing


The under panel and rear wing are also RS Pantera original products. They are made of highly durable and lightweight carbon fiber that can withstand hard use.


RS Pantera RX-8


Racing driver Yusaku Shibata test drove the car at Suzuka Circuit. He praised it saying, “The engine responds smoothly and the lightweight and robust body give the car a very well balanced feel.” The best time of the day was 2 minutes 25.011 seconds, but improvement is expected after settings are further dialed in.


A tuning menu that focuses on the RX-8’s born-in strengths rather than supercharging the engine makes this car a great all rounder. As expected, RS Pantera’s expertise shines forth in this RX-8.


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