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Published : 2021/03/22 20:52 Modified : 2021/03/22 20:52

Volk Racing’s new product harks back to famous “Group C”


Lineup includes sizes from 8.5J to 12.0J to fit a wide range of vehicles


If you’re of a certain age, the mere sight of dimple spokes will bring back vivid memories of the Volk Racing Group C that took the 80s and 90s by storm. True to its name, the Group C started life on Group C racing cars, and was later repurposed for road use. As such, the dimple spokes were more than just a weight saving measure, and had superlative stress dispersion and aerodynamic qualities too. They were a true ‘halo’ model for Volk Racing.


Rays Volk Racing 21C


Well then, to business. This is the new 21C – a deep dish forged one-piece wheel with strong links to that masterpiece. The original was a 3-piece rim with a cast disc and forged rim, but 21C means “a Group C for the 21st Century”,  and as such this is no reproduction. 


Whilst this wheel shares the Group C’s DNA, with its dimpled five spoke design, it represents a significant performance upgrade. Strength and rigidity are up, and as well as being Volk Racing’s deepest stepped rim, the effects of the dimples are even seen on the backs of the spokes. Further, it’s brimming with modern construction philosophy and techniques, like its three concave faces, contrasting with the flat disc of the original.


Rays Volk Racing 21C


Before the TE37 came along, the dimple spoke was Volk Racing’s calling card. This slippery concave shape was the result of working to make a wheel that was not only light, but also had excellent stress dispersion and aerodynamic qualities. 


Rays Volk Racing 21C


Whereas the original’s spokes had flat backs, the 21C has a convex shape on the reverse to gain some thickness. It also has the C-shaped cross section that saw its debut on the TE37SAGA. Where light weight and high rigidity are concerned, there are no compromises here.


Rays Volk Racing 21C


It’s easy to focus on the depth and stepped shape of the flange, but there’s more to it than that. It makes the most of its one-piece construction, thick in the places that need to stand up to external forces, thin in those that don’t. It’s a precision bit of craftsmanship.


Rays Volk Racing 21C


The 21C and its dimple spokes look right on the money here on this Pandem wide-bodied FC3S. The front wheels are 10.5J -25 x 18 inch, and the rears are 11.5J -40 x 18inch. With stretched tires and air suspension, the front arches conceal 99mms LL rim, while the rears get 108mm LLLs.


Rays Volk Racing 21C

Rays Volk Racing 21C


The 21C comes in two colors: Dark Gunmetallic/Rim Edge DC, and Bronze. It exudes the style of yesteryear, but Volk Racing have thrown the kitchen sink at this with all the modern techniques and styling tricks in the book. This is sure to be a must-have item for any 80s/90s or neo-classic custom car.


Product Specification
Price: 78000 – 85000 yen

Size: 18×8.5J – 18×12.0J

Colors: Dark Gunmetallic/Rim Edge DC, Bronze


●Enquiries: Rays (Tel: 06-6787-1110)

●Thanks to: Miyoshi Jidosha, 947-6 Shimosho, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture (Tel: 086-462-0708)



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