「This “Dress-Up Drift” Legend’s Favorite Car is Too Cool!」A Shining Silver Z20 Soarer

Published : 2021/03/23 23:17 Modified : 2021/03/23 23:17

Power comes from a durable 450HP 1JZ


An interesting and rather uncommon chassis for drifting


Mr. Nagahama of N-Style Custom in Gunma Prefecture has selected the 20-series Soarer which Toyota sold as their flagship coupe, as his go-to drift chassis. He is famous for his work creating cars in the “dress-up drift” genre which is composed of low, aggressively styled street cars with drift-focused performance tuning.



The car’s factory 1G was swapped out for a 1JZ from a JZX90. With a GCG GTX3076 turbo and control from an HKS F-CON V Pro, the engine generates 450ps. It is possible to aim for more power but Mr. Nagahama is quite happy with this setting as it has less risk of trouble.


The steering angle is increased by custom knuckles and the frame has been cut accordingly to allow clearance.



The overfenders are an original N-Style Custom product. Wheels are Work Meister M1R (F9J -20 R10J -30). The suspension is made by Cusco (F24kg/mm R16kg/mm). The arms have been modified extensively. Mr. Nagahama says, “There aren’t many people who drift a Z20 Soarer, so there’s no aftermarket parts available”.



The transmission is an R154 5-speed from a 1JZ. The e-brake is a hydraulic type. Seats are a reproduction of Slash Racing which once existed as a manufacturer in Japan. These were re-released overseas officially and imported.



The roll cage is a modified Saito product with sidebars, gussets and floor welding for maximum reinforcment. The floor was repainted to the cars body color giving it a unified finish.



The sunroof mechanism which adds 20kg of weight has been removed. Instead, an FRP panel and waterproofing has been installed.



The body color is an original mix based on the factory color for the Suzuki Hustler. This 20 series Soarer draws a lot of attention as a drift car, gaining fans from younger generations who might not even know that it exists.


PHOTO:Hayato Tsuchiya)



●Special Thanks:N-STYLE CUSTOM  443 Oninba, Itakura, Ora, Gunma Prefecture TEL:0276-78-2305



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