A Bold New Style For the 180SX Bursts Onto the Scene | Rocket Bunny Develops All New Body Kit!

Published : 2021/03/23 15:56 Modified : 2021/03/23 15:56

Third generation 180SX body kit coming soon!


Set to storm D1 Lights series with Kisaragi Awano!


Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto is already famous around the world as a designer of body kits. Using riveted fender flares in a modern setting, his works are striking, and seem almost as if they were standard equipment.



And his latest work is this Rocket Bunny Wide Body Kit Ver.3 for the 180SX. A characterful design completely different from the previous two versions, it combines neo-classic and cutting edge styles into a unique form befitting the phrase “Miura magic”.



Since it has just been completed, there is no pricing information as of yet. However, deliveries are expected to commence in early April.



Furthermore, the fins on either side of the hood are a new general purpose product (Price: TBC/Sales begin early April). These are a great way to add a point of visual interest to a build.



By the way, this demo car is also the weapon of choice in D1 Lights for drift racer Kisaragi Awano, star of a column on Web Option. That’s right, in a first for TRA Kyoto, they have teamed up with Kisaragi Awano and Sailun Tire to establish “Rocket Bunny Racing Sailun Tire”, ready to compete in the D1 Lights 2021 series.



Like a human whirlwind, Miura doesn’t know the meaning of the words “take a break”, and it would be fair to say that TRA Kyoto is at the center of the aero parts market right now. It’s a trend that seems set to continue for some time. Either way, this body kit will no doubt become the object of many 180SX owners’ desires.


Enquiries: TRA Kyoto (Tel: 0774-43-3242)



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