You Won’t See Many Toyota 86’s As Dramatic As This One!」Extreme Low Style Swallows Up Ultra Deep Rims

Published : 2021/03/24 21:00 Modified : 2021/03/24 21:00

Dramatic rims take “deep” to the max!


Drives. Turns. Stops. Super lowered style has the three fundamentals covered


In the world of 86s and BRZs modified for maximum impact, the current default around the world seems to be a body kit from Rocket Bunny/Pandem. The owner of car in the spotlight this time too, was drawn by the charm of this kit.


Just as the owner was planning to fully customize a car from stock, they heard through a friend that someone was letting go of an 86 with the Rocket Bunny kit, and ended up buying it. In the beginning, the car was not the easiest to live with. The owner turned a blind eye at first, thinking “Well, it’s a custom car after all,” but over time their dissatisfaction grew. At this point they turned to “Hara Tire”, a long-established suspension shop popular amongst those in the know, for help.



The shop displays many of their ultra-low creations on Instagram and various social networks. Their main principle is to build cars with a stylish, low silhouette that can accomplish the three fundamentals; they must drive, turn and stop properly. Although the main focus in this case was supposed to be a re-evaluation of the car’s driving characteristics, through consecutive meetings things started to get exciting. The car still had a strong aftertaste of the previous driver’s preferences. Why not take this chance to do a full remake?



At the nucleus of the plan for this remake was a new set of wheels. “I wanted something no-one else has,” said the user of his choice of wheel, the forged TR-1 (18 inch) from US maker Brada. At 11J -28 up front, and 12.5J -61 at the rear, these huge wheels take fitment to the extreme, even with the Rocket Bunny body kit. They are so deep that looking at the back of the car from an angle, you can’t see the wheel discs at all.



The side skirt almost touches the ground. Hara Tire took great care to lower the car so that it sat perfectly horizontal from nose to tail, without any extra height at the rear. This may sound simple, but in reality it is an extremely difficult feat.



This is one place we can see Hara Tire’s commitment to creating flowing body lines. The mirrors, usually mounted on the door, here switch position to the small front section of the side window. Getting rid of this superficial peep-hole makes the area look a lot tidier. We’d love to see this as an original aftermarket part, but apparently it’s just a one off.



The rear spoiler is Rocket Bunny’s Ver. 3. As well as the emblem on the trunk lid, the shark fin antenna has been smoothed. All of these measures come in the name of removing any unnecessary lumps and bumps and keeping the lines as smooth as possible. By the way, the word “STADDICT” on the license plate is a reference to the name of Hara Tire’s official car club.



And to show off the car’s overwhelming presence to the fullest, the suspension and body gets a large scale revamp. With the fender panels removed temporarily while the car was being painted in Aston Martin’s Royal Indigo color, the insides of the arches received a full makeover, ensuring enough space would be available for the wheels without them rubbing on anything, and without having to rely on spacers.


The suspension, both front and rear, is Ideal’s Maximum Down air suspension kit.



To make sure the rear wheel is visible even at the air suspension’s lowest setting, the rear fender has been extended upwards by 20mm. Note the wafer thin clearance between arch and wheel.



The front lower control arm and tension rods are adjustable ones from Megan Racing. Taking great care to avoid causing the suspension air bags to rub, they set the pillow upper mounts at as great an angle as possible for 11 degrees of camber. In addition, the front brakes make way for GC8 Impreza ones.



The side sill has been cut where it jutted out, and the ceiling of the wheel well has been lifted 40mm. As well as this, there is a steel plate to keep everything protected. The backs of the headlights get some tlc too. Thanks to these countermeasures, the steering wheel can turn lock to lock.



The adjustable rear control arms are a combination or 326 Power lower arms and Megan Racing toe control arms. The camber angle is 10 degrees.



A Cusco 9-point roll cage and bride full bucket seats work together to give the interior a race car-like atmosphere. The steering wheel is a buckskin model from Renown, and the shift lever is a Daytona Black from Likewise. The car does away with any sense of domestic-ness with Made-in-the US parts sprouting from every nook and cranny.



“It might not look it, but driving this car isn’t tiring, even over long distances,” says the owner. “Since the steering wheel goes from lock to lock now, it’s really easy to drive.”


The next step is to give this car the performance its glamorous form deserves. Seemingly the owner is considering adding forced induction via a turbo or supercharger, or even an engine swap. It looks like we can look forward to more upgrades in the future.


Photos: Masami Naito

Thanks to: Hara Tire Workshop, 306-1 Ueki, Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture (Tel: 0949-28-2800)




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