「Check the Highlights from OPTION’s May Issue!」This Month’s Special Feature is “Cockpit Customization”!

Published : 2021/03/28 08:23 Modified : 2021/03/28 08:23

●The Impreza/WRX contest winner GC8 is our cover car!



“Cockpit customization” is making good use of functional and visual interior upgrades for your car. While checking what upgrades and arrangements the interiors of top time attack and D1GP cars have, we examine the latest aftermarket interior parts and trends. It was broken down into four parts including bucket seats, rollbars, steering wheels and additional gauges.


●RH9 high-speed circuit full throttle test



We also feature full-throttle performance testing of a group of top tuner cars that was done on a familiar high-speed circuit. The potential of four street tuned vehicles was measured on a 5.5km long oval course with 45-degree banked corners! Four cars developed by famous tuner RH9 prove their abilities through a rigorous testing menu.


●GR Yaris tuning 



GR Yaris tuning is hot right now with a huge variety of parts and routes for tuning. This time we look at the Kansai Service demo car which received a boost-up tune. Racing driver Mr. Iiri tests its performance at Central Circuit.


●”Copetoro-Gokko” at CTAC



There’s also a lot of excitement to be had in kei car tuning. Here we look in-depth at a one-make race of new and old Daihatsu Copen called “Copetoro-Gokko”. It was held at West Japan’s largest time attack event CTAC. Cars with the ability to lay down laps in the 1 minute 29 second range at Central Circuit partipicated. Very impressive for cars in the 2.0L turbo class!


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