This First Generation Odyssey is Out of This World | 400 Horsepower 5-Speed Manual Family Hauler is Demonically Fast

Published : 2021/03/29 15:02 Modified : 2021/03/29 15:02

Equipped with a block and turbo carefully assembled by industry leaders Bisimoto


The man with a fixation on his beloved family friendly minivan


The owner of this car used to amuse himself doing gymkhana with GA2 Citys and EGC Civics in his student days. When he got a little older, he found himself in need of a car he could use in any situation. The brand new car he bought in the end was a ’98 model year Odyssey.


At first he kept the car stock as a daily driver, but after joining a race-focused minivan club the urge to tune it grew. His interest in USDM and turbo parts deepened too.



Eventually, he learned about the F22A engine in the CB9 Accord Wagon, which shares a platform with the Odyssey, and the good performance obtainable thanks to its relatively straight head ports. So he created a blueprint to swap in an F22A, install a turbo and change the exterior to pre-facelift spec. However, once he got started, his plans started to get deeper and deeper.



Whilst searching for ways to unleash the potential of the F22A, he learned of “Bisimoto” (Bisimoto Engineering), a top class tuning company in California. Bisimoto had previously built a Honda Insight drag car using the F22A. This car had no VTEC, was single cam, naturally aspirated and front wheel drive, and yet it was a monster, capable of completing the 1/8 mile in 5.83 seconds.


Impressed by what he heard about Bisimoto, the owner contacted them directly. He asked if they would sleeve his engine, a process not often heard of here in Japan. They agreed to work on the project. Along with consenting, they also recommended switching to the tougher F22B2 cylinder block.



When the sleeved F22B2 block and related gubbins arrived from America, it went straight to the Kumagaya City’s Nakamura Sharyo Seisakusho, who took charge of the build. There it joined forces with the ported F22A cylinder head. In addition, starting with the pistons, all the moving parts in the bottom end were strengthened.



The Bisimoto-Turbonetics TNX4564 turbo mounts to a one off exhaust manifold fabricated by Nakamura Sharyo Seisakusho.



Better, more stable combustion comes courtesty of a Golden Eagle intake manifold, K-Tuned throttle body, Bisimoto 1000cc injectors, an AEM engine position module and the direct ignition system from a D-series engine.



By the way, the head cover, with its lack of Honda badging, is actually an Isuzu Oasis OEM part. Miraculously, the owner discovered a brand new one for sale in Japan.



A Link G4+ Monsoon takes care of the ever important engine management.



In the wheel department, Volk Racing CE28Ns (F/R: 8.5J +30) meet Proxes R888Rs (F/R: 235/40 -17. The big caliper kit is from Alcon. To tame any wheel spin, there is a traction bar system (front subframe) from American company ESP. The dampers are Nissho Tire adjustable units, with a Hardrace front camber kit and Silk Road rear control arms to optimise the car’s footwork.


As for the drivetrain, there is a reinforced drive shaft from Insane Shafts, as well as 5 speed manual transmission from the CF4 Accord SiR with a limited slip differential. The power steering pump went to make space for the intercooler’s piping. In its place, a Toyota OEM electronic pump operates the hydraulic power steering. 



The steering wheel is a Momo Prototipo and the gear knob is a Hyper Teardrop from BattleCraft. And with a Recaro semi-bucket driving seat, even the owner’s family can tell that this is no ordinary minivan.



The body color, Sebring Silver, was only available on North American pre-facelift Isuzu Oasises, showing the owner’s commitment to converting the car to USDM spec. In addition to the lights and emblems, the side mouldings and the antenna are also stock Oasis parts.



The owner visited the shop to share information frequently, armed with photos of parts and documents. And in 2018, several years after conception, the Odyssey was preparing for its shakedown test. Upon initial setup, it was producing 400ps.


“I never thought I’d drive this car for so long,” says the owner. That it would become a 400ps turbo minivan must have been even more difficult to imagine. Smiling, he told us he’s looking forward to making more memories with his family and this Odyssey once COVID-19 settles down.


Photos: Akio Hirano

Text:Hideo Kobayashi


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