「This is the Ultimate in NA Tuning for the Z34!」A 3.9L Monster Pushing 450 Horsepower

Published : 2021/03/30 02:48 Modified : 2021/03/30 02:48

Lap times improved through high rotation tuning


Full mechanical tune and a sequential transmission


This Z34 pursues hot laps while maintaining driver comforts including air conditioning and audio. The talented shop SCREEN was in charge of tuning work. Actually, this car is the private machine of Mr. Hideji Maejima who participated in Super Taikyu races. The car was produced with an emphasis on balance to aim for quick laps on various circuits.


SCREEN Z34 Engine Bay


JUN sleeves were driven into the engine block. CP 98φ oversized pistons and JUN’s I cross-section connecting rod are installed. Displacement was increased to 3892cc by boring up. The stroke is intentionally set to normal and priority is given to the ability to rotate comfortably up to high RPMs. Engine is managed an ECU-TEC that includes VVEL.


Max output is 461ps / 7225rpm and 52.2kgm / 4343rpm. Needless to say this is impressive given that the car is NA. The transmission is an OS 7-speed seqential with a final gear of 4.3.



The DRL radiator and ARC oil cooler are L-mounted at the front to allow for best circuit performance. This measure efficiently applies fresh air to the core. A transmission and differential oil cooler is installed under the rear floor. The exhaust system was also upgraded with headers.


SCREEN Z34 Suspension


The coilovers include trace dampers by Tokai Auto Body and the springs are high rate 40kg/mm front and 45kg/mm rear.


SCREEN Z34 Brakes

SCREEN Z34 Wheels


The brake calipers are D2 Racing monoblock (F6 pot R4 pot) and the rotors are two-piece slit type in 356mm diameter front and rear. Wheels are 18-inch Work Emotion CR (FR 11J +18) and tires are Potenza RE-12D (FR 285/35).


SCREEN Z34 Interior

SCREEN Z34 Transmission


One key to the sheer speed of the car is the OS Giken 7-speed sequential transmission. The seat was upgraded to a Recaro RS-G. The steering wheel is a Sparco D-shape type.




The exterior is equipped with INGS full aero and GT wing. When the car attacked Suzuka Circuit in this spec, the car took a personal best lap of 2 minutes 14.780 seconds. We expect even more progress from SCREEN and Maejima on tuning this car.


●Special Thanks:SCREEN  9-1-17 Narita, Tomiya, Miyagi Prefecture TEL:022-348-3761



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