「All “Gurachan” Enthusiasts Take Note!」Aoshima Releases the New Series of the Famous 1/64 Minicar Collection

Published : 2021/03/30 09:30 Modified : 2021/03/30 09:30

Don’t miss the Aoshima online shop limited edition series


The Liberty Walk C130 Laurel joins the ranks of the famous diecast collection


Aoshima have done countless collaborations with tuning shops and official parts makers and release a wide variety of scale models. This time, they announce Part 13 in their 1:64 diecast mini car series “Gurachan Collection”.



The series includes 6 models in 2 colors each. The scale is 1:64. Although the car size is small, the model faithfully reproduces the low-down custom tuning that was popular in the 1980s down to the smallest details. The price is set at 814yen each in a blind box. But that’s not the only news for this series.


LB Works 130 Laurel SP2

71 Cresta SP2


The first point is special limited models. If you purchase a complete series box (9768 yen) on the Aoshima online shop which includes a random selection of 12 units, there will be one of two special limited models inside. One is the LB Works 130 Laurel SP2 and the other is a 71 Cresta SP2.



The second point of news is the limited edition series that is available on the Aoshima online shop. This limited edition series consists of four models including 3 types of LB Works 130 Laurel and a 71 Cresta. The price is 1760 yen per unit. A box which includes all four models costs 7040 yen and comes with a paper craft kit that reproduces the Liberty Walk garage. Don’t miss this special chance!


The release date is July 2021. Currently reservations are being accepted on the Aoshima online shop.


※The prices listed in this article are planned prices but are subject to change.


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